Haniela's: ~Designing a Cookie Cutter from a Picture~

~Designing a Cookie Cutter from a Picture~

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

 Christine from Scrapbooking Stuff asked me to make her cookies for her son's 1st Birthday. How exciting to be part of  1st Birthday!
Some of you may know cupcake toppers for a Circus Inspired Baby Shower came from her beautiful etsy shop.

Christine sent me a picture of cupcake toppers she is using  and I so I got to work.
I wanted to match the cookies to the toppers  so I made the cutter based on the picture.

I used Corel Paint Shop Pro, but this can be done basically in any photo software.

1. Open a file with the picture you'd like to use as a base image for your cookie cutter

2.Crop the image tightly but leaving clear oultines

3. Resize the image.Remember here you are resizing the print size, this will be approximate size of your finished cookie once baked.I resized it to 3inch wide and height was given automatically to 2.812inches. Nice cookie size.

4. Print the image
5. Make the Cookie Cutter Template using Plastic Divider
Remember you don't need to include all the little details, like for example
bottom side of the vagon has some detail on it, you can make it straight and include the detail when decorating the cookie, or not.
or if you are up to it
you can make  Aluminum Foil Cookie Cutter, see the tutorial by Callye from SweetSugerbelle's
Or if you are feeling  really crafty visit LilaLoa for a detail tutorial on how to make Metal Cookie Cutters

Here are the cookies I made to match the cupcake toppers.

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  1. Great tutorial! Really interesting and your completed cookies are so cute. LOVE the colors!!!

  2. This very cool, ever would've thought to use the plastic dividers!! Great work Haniela and very resourceful

  3. The cookies turned out absolutely DARLING! Love the bright colors and the window detail.

  4. I couldn't post comments the last few days. Hopefully this work today. Great and interesting tutorial! To think that you even took the time and effort to copy screen image and give us step by step tutorial! :D Love the train cookies..so colorful and cute!

  5. Super tutorial and I love the colours!