Haniela's: ~Magic of Photo Cropping~

~Magic of Photo Cropping~

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Crop it.
Really. I mean it.
You'll discover unexpected.
I Promise. 
Try it. 
It works.
I love it.
That's so much for the introduction.
Today I wanted to share  with you my experience with photo cropping. I learned that with a little bit of patience and work, cropping  can bring out the best out of my photos.
 My favorite thing to do is to go through magazines, I just love looking at all  the photographs there, that's my relax time, that's my inspiration.
Here are few examples of  how cropping can affect the feel of the image, from my recent work.
Obviously cropping doesn't always work but when it does it makes a big difference to the final image.




  1. Thank you so much for sharing this valuable info, Hani! I'd pay for your skills anyday!

  2. Great tip! Love your macarons by the way!

  3. I'm always afraid to crop my pictures. Thanks for showing the huge difference a crop can make!

  4. Thanks, Hani! You always have BEAUTIFUL photography!

  5. Thanks for the cropping notes! I'm sold, now I just need your mad photography skills.

  6. great post! love the crop! want some macarons :)

  7. Now I'm singing crop it to devo's whip it in my head for some reason.... Yes the cropped pic's look spectacular you have such a great eye.