Haniela's: ~DIY Cake Stand~

~DIY Cake Stand~

Friday, April 15, 2011

 I've been seeing all kinds of homemade cake stands. They can be made from different materials, different shapes,different colors etc.
This past week I made my very first cake stand. I was in a Dollar Store when I spotted a candle holder and I thought I'd finally open my mind about DIY cake stands and try it myself, my next stop Michael's Craft Store. I found  some nice wood board type things there, I was looking for a flat round surface and I found a wooden round piece that was about $4, next isle spray paint and finish. I decided to go with Robin's Egg color and Glossy Clear Finish-both as spray.Reason I wanted to add extra protective layer is to prevent cake stand "injury"


Wood Board
Lightly sand rough parts of the wood board
Paint with a primer
Spray with  Robin's Egg Color Spray-at least 2 coats
Spray with Clear Finish Spray- glossy-2 coats
Candle Holder
Spray with Robin's Egg Color Spray-3 coats
Spray with Clear Finish Spray-glossy-2coats

Once Both parts are prepared and dried.
Turn the wood board upside down, make a mark in the center and align candle holder in the middle. Glue(Gorilla Glue)  candle holder onto the back of the wood board. Put some weight on the candle holder and let dry overnight.

I've already used my cake stand twice. I think I'm hooked.

Pink Meringue Roses



  1. Genius! I've been looking all over for stands as I'm thinking of taking my wares to the local market but didn't want to spend a fortune. You've totally inspired me!!! :) Thanks Hani!

  2. I love the stand, My hubby works at Lowe's so I know he can get my pieces and paint for me. I think I'll make one soon! I might do a little playing around with marbling it! Happy Easter!!

  3. THank you Ladies.

    I think I'll be making more of these. I'm not afraid anymore.
    I'm already excited about a next one.
    Love the idea of marbling, you can really have fun with it.

  4. It looks great and sounds really easy. I would definitely love to try it soon. Thanks so much for sharing the experience.

  5. Great idea!! Lovely color choice too :)

  6. Well done, Hani! Love the color!

  7. One of my favourite shades of Blue Hani, love it! My husband has been looking out for unusual candlestands as well now, so he can make me one!x

  8. You did a great job on this stand and I love the shade of blue you chose. The options to making your own are so many and often times, more affordable as well.

  9. I love this blue! So clever of you to make a cake stand!

  10. Very cool idea and it looks great!! I think I will have to try this!!

  11. So pretty! I have pillar candle holders in cabinets all over the house. I've been looking for something to do with them (besides the donation pile).
    Thanks for the great idea.

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