Haniela's: ~SugarBelle's Sugar Sweetened Cookie Soup~

~SugarBelle's Sugar Sweetened Cookie Soup~

Saturday, March 26, 2011

I know what you are thinking..what is that??? "SugarBelle's Sugar Sweetened Cookie Soup"?
It is  COOKIE!
I'm going to fill you in on that.
I'm sure you know Callye from Sweetsugarbelle, if not go check it out. You are going to love Callye's Color Chart for Frosting.
  Story goes that last week when I made my St. Patrick's Sweets Inspired by Andy Warhol I made something else, something that is even more Andy Warhol; I mean you are familiar with Campbell's soup right? Actually I love their tomato one, yummy. I wanted to turn the soup can into a cookie for sometime now and so while doing the St.Patrick's Cookies and Cupcakes I decided to make it happen.
After I did the first layer of icing I thought of making it into SugarBelle's Soup instead of Campbell's Soup.
I loved it!
I wanted to make Callye SMILE, and she told me Sugar Belle's Cookie Soup did just that!
Thanks Callye for all you do.
Thank you for being a friend.



  1. Hani!! These are awesome!!! Love them!

  2. Those are great and such a sweet idea for a friend!

  3. Great idea, Hani! She is such a sweet friend!!

  4. You're so creative! I look forward to visiting your site daily just to check it out...something always catches my eye!

  5. oh my goodness, those are so sweet!! I love Callye! So fun!!!