Haniela's: ~St. Patrick's Cake Pop Cupcakes~

~St. Patrick's Cake Pop Cupcakes~

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

I wasn't planning on making cake pops until I had some leftover cake. I made delicious pound cake few weeks ago, you can see finished cake here. It was really yummy, I combined several recipes and it turned into a cake textured pound cake, which I really loved. It was velvety, made with Velvet Cake Flour.
Well anyhow, I decided to give cake pops another chance. I wasn't too thrilled with them first time around, they were just so bland, sweet that's all. Personally I prefer sweet with a twist, perhaps something sour, coconut, peanut butter, maybe some mint..and now we're talking.All this lead me to this recipe.
I used the left over cake, but rest assured you can use a whole cake, just make sure you adjust the rest of the ingredients depending on how many cups of cake crumbs you have.

 Chocolate Cherry Almond Cake Pops
(printer friendly recipe)
4 cups cake crumbs, I used vanilla pound cake leftovers

Chocolate Ganache:
1/3cup heavy cream
100grams semisweet chocolate
1tbl hazelnut liqueur(omit if making for kids)
powdered sugar to taste
4 oz cream cheese(1/2of packaging)
1/4 cup chopped dry cherries  
1/2 cup chopped cherry preserves
1/2 cup chopped almonds
dipping dark chocolate

Make Ganache several hours before hand. Place your chopped chocolate into a heat proof dish, bring the heavy cream to when it is just about start simmer, you'll see little bubbles forming around the edges.Pour hot heavy cream over the chocolate, cover, let rest for 5 minutes. Using a whisk, combine chocolate and heavy cream until you have a smooth shiny ganache, add the liqueur. Let rest for several hours in the fridge, at least 3 hours.

Make cake crumbs using your hands. Use large bowl.
In a medium size bowl combine together cream cheese and ganache, add powdered sugar if desired. Scrape the frosting into the bowl with cake crumbs and gently incorporate into the crumbs, add chopped almonds, dry cherries and chopped cherry preserves. Using a wooden spoon, combine until you have a thick mixture. Taste to see if you need to add some more sugar.
Using a cookie scoop, make balls, form them using your hand and place them onto the baking sheet lined with wax paper.
Freeze cake ball for 15 minutes, transfer to a fridge and cool until ready to coat with dipping chocolate.

Melt dipping chocolate according to instruction and coat your cake balls.
Here is a wonderful video by Bakerella
I used short candy sticks to be able to use my cake pop as cupcake topper.

Fondant Ribbon Roses
As you see I made few fondant ribbon roses to go on the top of the cake pops.

You need
fondant-I used marshmallow fondant recipe
food coloring, gel
knife or pastry wheel
silicone mat
Ribbon roses video tutorial.
Ribbon roses I made were smaller than the one in the video, to achieve a smaller size all you need to do is 
scale down with the rectangle size, mine starting rectangle was abut 2 inches long and 0.5 inch wide.

Attaching ribbon Roses to Cake Pop

 You need
little bit of melted dipping chocolate
little sandwich bag or disposable pastry bag
or you can also use a small brush, that you only use for food purposes.

Melt the chocolate and fill the sandwich or pastry bag. Make a small opening in the corner of sandwich bag or in the tip of the pastry bag.
Gently squeeze several dots onto the cake pop and attach ribbon roses.You may want to hold them in place for a second or two till the chocolate gets little hard so roses don't slide.

You can now either enjoy them as they are or you can use them to decorate your cupcake like I did.

Happy St. Patrick's Day


  1. Ganache and cream cheese in a cake pop? And then you go and add almonds as well... Something that sounds that good probably can't be considered a cake pop anymore.

    These are beautiful. I LOVE the picture with the watering can. SO beautiful.

  2. Not only do they look bee-yoo-tee-ful, they sound DELISH! You are a rock star.

  3. You Haniela-fied cake pops! Love it! :-)

  4. Thank you Ladies,
    I was really happy with them, kept snacking for several days.

  5. super cute and they sound DELISH!!! love the presentation on the cupcakes :)