Haniela's: ~Meet Lynette from Nice Icing~

~Meet Lynette from Nice Icing~

Saturday, March 5, 2011

What I love about cake, cookie, cupcake decorating is that each artist brings something different to the plate. The uniqueness of it is what I really enjoy seeing.
When I first stumbled upon Lynette's work couple of years ago I was truly taken  by it. What she brings is fresh and artistic, accented with complimenting colors; her attention to detail and love for the sugar art is shining through what ever she makes.
Her fondant/gumpaste modeling skills are beyond my understanding, I mean, have a look at her work, well done by you Lynette! 

Lynette's work can be viewed on her flickr pages Nice Icing

Website - Nice Icing

Meet Lynette from Nice Icing

1. How did you get into cake/cookie/cupcake business, have you always loved sweets, how long you've been decorating?
I've always loved anything cake and from an early age I spent many happy hours baking with my mum - especially the bowl licking!
So after becoming a mum myself and having a part time job running a Playschool ( I was a Nursery Nurse in a previous life ) I found I had the time to practice my baking skills and that's how it all started.
Now 28 years later I'm still practicing!!
 Humming Bird Cake

2. It is a such a joy to look through your photos on Flickr, I really admire your ability to color coordinate your sugar artwork.What is your favorite color combination?
I love any colour but my favourites would have to be any shade of blueish green from pastel Aquas to vibrant Teals.
I use these colours in cake decorating at any excuse teaming them with pinks , reds and browns for a retro look.
Tea and Tiers for Mia

With Love to you on Valentine's Day

3.Do you have any formal training or are you self taught, any recommendations for good decorating books, videos? 
When I first started cake decorating many years ago ( when dinosaurs roamed the earth!! ) there was no internet and very few 'how to' books available , so armed with one book (Jane Asher's party cakes ) and after many mistakes I taught myself the basics of cake decorating.

I still make mistakes but have learnt so much in the last few years thanks to you tube and sites like Flickr.

For making sugar flowers I would recommend any of Alan Dunn's books and for eye candy Martha Stewart's Wedding cakes book.
Alan Dunn's Books:
Sugar Orchids for Cakes (Sugarcraft and Cakes for All Occasions)
Alan Dunn's Celebration Cakes
The Wedding Cake Decorator's Bible: A Resource of Mix-and-Match Designs and Embellishments
Sugar Roses for Cakes
Exotic Sugar Flowers for Cakes

Martha Stewart Wedding Books:
Martha Stewart's Wedding Cakes
The Best of Martha Stewart Living : Weddings


Be Mine

4.I can't get over your figurines and decorations, details on them are so well done, it is almost impossible for me to even comprehend how you are able to do it, you make it look so easy. Do you work with gumpaste or clay, both, how long does it take to make, for example a piece like this, and also are these real people in life -?
 The Wedding Party
I guess I am best known for my icing figures, I always use florists paste the make them as it holds it's shape well and is fast drying ( I'm very impatient! ).
To get a likeness of the characters I work from photographs that I pin up in my kitchen - it looks like a gallery of suspects in a crime investigation when I make a cake with the full bridal party on !!
Each figure can take more than an hour to make depending on the details and how many attempts at making the head! Faces with ' more
character ' and distinctive features are the easiest to make.
A top table cake can take about 2 days to make, sometimes working
Through the night!

5.What tools you couldn't do without when creating your fondant/ gumpaste pieces?
To model flowers and figures the essentials in my tool kit are:
 Three Birthdays
6.You favorite cake/cookie/cupcake and why?
I love using lots of colour in my creations and being able to design whatever I like, so my favourite would have to be the cake, cookies and cupcakes that I made for my niece's daughter Daisy's 3rd birthday , this was also the day my granddaughter was born so it means a lot to me.
Daisy is 3

7. Is there a cake design you'd love to do, but didn't have a chance, what would it be?
I made a cupcake in a sugar teacup based on Alice in wonderland for a Flickr group competition a couple of years ago ( I've since recycled it into a cake and now it's under a glass dome for posterity ) and since then I would love to do a series of teacup cupcakes starting with a nautical themed "storm in a teacup" as I love anything to do with the sea and folk art.
Curiouser & Curiouser
8. Your cookies, cupcakes cakes, they all shine with incredible beauty, they are works of art, do you have a preference of which you enjoy working with the most and why?
I love making anything in icing but at the moment I enjoy making cookies the most, my piping skills leave a lot to be desired but I love a challenge and there are so many different ways of decorating a cookie, rubber stamping with food colouring is my fave at the moment.
Black and White Cookies
 Retro Bloom Cookies

9. It is your birthday, what kind of cake would you like?
Although I love a decorated cake I am always reluctant to cut them, probably because I know how long they take to make.
so my ideal birthday cake would be a naked carrot cake with passion fruit filling or maybe a storm in a teacup cupcake from me to me!!

10. Best Sweet Moment ?
One of the best things to happen to me is the birth of my granddaughter Phoebe Rose, I love being a nana and my best sweet moment so far was making her christening cake, cupcakes and cookies.
Little Miss Phoebe & Friends

Thank you Lynette for sharing your sugar artistry with us today. I'm a big fan of your work and can't wait to see what you'll come up with next. I love hearing about your granddaughter Phoebe Rose(what  gorgeous name too), she seems to have inspired you in so many ways,  and I just can't wait to see her birthday cake this year.:-)

Note : All the photographs  above are  the property of Lynette Horner - Nice Icing
Please Do not Reproduce in anyway without owner's permission.
Thank you.

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  1. Wow. Some people are just amazing, aren't they?!

  2. Georganne, I couldn't agree more. Lynette is something else isn't she. I'm just surprised she hasn't been discovered by a publishing company, I would love a book from you Lynette.:-)

  3. I'm speechless. Her work is out of this world!!! Thanks for sharing it with us, Hani! I'd love her to have a book too:)

  4. Holy Cow! That is some amazzzzzzzing icing work!!!

  5. Darn! I might be commenting twice, but I had a glitch...so not sure! I am in LOVE in LOVE this Lynette! I have seen one of the cookie sets on Flickr, but I never made the connection! I LOVE LOVE love the Valentine Cake and the Daisy cake and Black and white cookies! I am so so inspired@ Thanks for the intro Hani!!!

  6. Wow the things Lynette does are amazing. Thank you so much for sharing them with the rest of us!:)

  7. Beautiful, great detail. I love all the people, so creative!!