Haniela's: ~Meet Artist Iris Zuares~

~Meet Artist Iris Zuares~

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Perhaps you've noticed that  some of my blog posts contain  poems written by Iris Zuares.
Wondering who is Iris?

Iris and I met on Flickr, actually it was Iris's initiative as she wrote a poem  about my cookie "Carousel", and many more poems followed after that.I'm trying to put them all together. In time Iris's poems became her signature response on Flickr, she wrote hundreds of poems, though she doesn't keep the count.
I'm envisioning these to be put into a small book someday. 
Food and Poems.
What a perfect marriage!

Perhaps you were touched by   Iris's limerick too?!
Feel free to let us know about it.

Here is the very first limerick Iris wrote for me.

I would go for a ride with you
on carousel horses painted blue
the details are great
I hope it's not late
to be able to eat one too

Today I'd like you to meet a woman, wife, devoted mother of 3, artist and a friend.
Iris is  full of surprises, witty words, bold statements,

 making her artistic visionary  through poems, drawing, vivid paintings, stories, beaded pillows, artwork.
Iris is simply wonderful!


Iris and I share passion for food. 
You may not believe it, but love and food have a lot in common.

I'm sure you've heard it before:
"Love Goes Through Stomach"
Well, whoever invented that saying , seems, must have been right. 
Although I like to dine in a nice restaurant, there is something about creating food myself, something about a smile on my man's face when he's eating dinner I  made for him.


The Modern Day Edesia  by Iris Zuares

( EDESIA- Edesia is the Roman Goddess of Food Who presides over banquets.)
Once in a french film it started with this
an older couple experiencing bliss
no, it wasn't love they were all excited about
it was devouring food they were eager to shout
they said as you get older one is left feeling monotony
so the one thing they loved was their passion for gluttony
this made me think as I opened the fridge door
what do I love and will always adore
of course there is my family but that's another story 
my passion for food is my own private glory
I cook for my boys when they visit and  love what I do
still want  to take care of them and don't mind telling it too
they eat with such gusto and I grin from ear to ear
hoping it tasted right as that's all I want to hear
one important issue I should not forget
I have become rounder the older I get
my boys have chosen girls skinny and quite gaunt
don't want them like me  don't cook  and eat  at a restaurant
growing older is in the back of their mind
they hope life will be definitely kind
the fear is there I'm sure they'll agree
that these girls will get rounder and look like me


Iris, we met via Flickr, via your poems, I remember one day you left a comment on my photo, it was a limerick. How did you start with poems, was it just a spur of the moment, or were you always putting words into poems?
Iris: "I always had a fascination with limericks and got books on them and I tried my hand at composing my own. . Most of them were very bawdy and embarrassing but I loved the rhyming pattern and the little story it told. I recall being out to dinner with a friend when I was single and I thought the waiter was so adorable and cute. I left a limerick for him with my tip. That seemed to start the ball rolling!!!"
Corn Beef Sandwich

  The most romantic moment?
 Iris: "I wrote a poem for my husband when he was in this country for 15 years. I made him an elaborate party and had it American themed. I hired two girls dressed in Statue of Liberty costumes who read my poem in front of the crowd. It was my first major long poem, very romantic and he loved it."
Luscious Chocolate Dipped Strawberries

  When did you start making beaded cushions/pillows, are they gifts?
Iris: "The beaded pillows are an outgrowth of my art/painting background. I decided to let the beads be my medium instead of paint. I began my first pillow (which took 5 months to complete) when I got sick and had to change my lifestyle drastically. My patience was enhanced due to my illness and I never would have been able to sit so passively and do this work prior to my being sick."

Chocolate Cinnamon Babka

You are known to make canvas from cheese cakes, no ordinary cheese cakes, they truly are pieces of art, what got you into cheese cake painting?
Iris: " I have always loved the idea of edible art. It seemed like a natural outgrowth of my art desires to accomplish this untapped area.. I didn't start baking until I was older and I experimented with different desserts and cheesecake worked out the best. (as long as I had it cooled long enough and a smooth top)."
Rosie Cheesecake

  I know you've been doing a lot of digital work, from the whole works, which one is your absolute favorite and why?
Iris: " I am truly proud of my stories and poems that I created together. My Rose series is my largest accomplishment I have ever achieved. The stories thrilled me as they came to me and illustrating them was a phenomenon. I loved every minute of doing them. I believe Rose of Kiev is my Piece de Resistance."

Butterfly Diamond Pin

  Your favorite dessert?
Iris: "Dark Chocolate Ganache on anything!!!"
  What software do you use to create your digital artwork?
Iris: "I use a drawing tablet called Bamboo with the program Corel."

 I know you also like to cook, what are 3 kitchen utensils you just couldn't do without?
Iris: "My Kitchen Aid Mixer, a good sharp knife and my cast iron pots."
German Black Forest cake

Your favorite artist?
  Iris: " I adore Henri Matisse and have a strong connection to his work through his colors, movement and musical joy of his paintings."

 Lemon Yogurt Ricotta  Cheese Raspberry Cake
Farmer's Cheese Strawberry Layer Cake
(Inspiration for this painting came from 2 cakes Hani made)

Best moment of 2010.
  Iris: "My best moment of 2010 has to be whenever my entire family is here and we are together. I live for these moments as I became an empty nester (all 3 sons are out of the house) in 2010 and it has been hard letting go. I do bribe them with fancy desserts and dinner."

 Ice Cream Sundae

Iris, thank you for being my guest today and big thank you for your wonderful Poem -The Modern Day Edesia  you wrote  especially for this post. It made me laugh and brightened my day, as you have many times.

I hope you enjoyed this post as much as I have.
 Food was excellent, calorie free but only it left me a little hungry...:-)

Hani xox

Note : All the photographs  above are  the property of Iris Zuares
Please Do not Reproduce in anyway without owner's permission.
Thank you.



  1. This is an outstanding blog on the wonderful and most talented Iris! I am a fan of all her poems, drawings and digital paintings, too.
    what a super beautiful spread of both her zesty and witty poems with that extra touch of sass but her masterful artworks, as well!
    Brava!! thanks for sharing Iris and her talents with us all!!
    she wolf

  2. Thank you so much for sharing your interview with Iris with the rest of us!! I had no idea she had so many other incredible talents - I'm just impressed!!

    I too have hsd the honor of receiving some of Iris's sweet poems on some of my cookies posts. One of my favorites was on a special platter of wedgewood cookies I made for my dear grandmothers 103rd birthday:

    wedgewood china has a special look and in blue naturally
    maryann made these cookies for her grandmom who turned 103
    wedgewood is special and baked low fired in a kiln (you don't pronounce the n in kiln)
    these cookies are decorated and made with cookieartisan skill
    so ogo's birthday and collection is honored this day
    with 103 wishes coming her way

    Some of her poems touching, some of them funny!!! It is always such a great surprise to be blessed with one of her sweet poems!

    So for you Iris:

    Oh Iris dear.....
    Of your poems we never fear
    What an joy it is
    To receive poems of Iris's
    Thanks for taking the time to pen
    Your sweet little poems for which we yen!

  3. There once was a lady named Iris
    Whose digital artwork went virus
    Bawdy beautiful and bold
    Her talents unfold
    And never in life will they tire us.

    Miriam Camitta, Iris friend and fan

  4. Lovely to find out a bit about Iris. I have seen her poems around on Flickr but never her artworks which are fabulous!

  5. Iris is m'girl. And this is an unimaginably fantastic tribute! And for sure she deserves it. Great jobs all around!

    : D

  6. Her poem is wonderful! :) and I had no idea, you could actually paint on a cheesecake! That's awesome!

  7. I enjoyed the interview, Hani:) I love Iris' cheesecakes! So unique. I also love your carousel cookie and the accompanying limerick:)

  8. I adore the 'Rose' series & everything the bold, brave & beautiful Iris does. Thank you Hani for this wonderful look into the creative world of Iris :)

  9. Thank you all for stopping by and checking out Iris's artworks.
    She is amazing, isn't she?

    I received a very touching email from Iris's friend Fred and would like to share the contents with you.
    Poem for Iris by Fred

    It's nice to see
    Recognition of talent and style
    And if I had a blog
    Well, maybe someday, or in a while

    I'd recognize the poet laureate of this medium
    And shout out, hey, check this talent without end
    But the best thing I have to say about you
    Is that you are a wonderful friend

    Though you are talented, and freely your life do share
    You challenge people, while sharing who you are
    All I can add to this accolade
    Iris, you are a shining star!