Haniela's: ~Meet Glory from Glorious Treats ~

~Meet Glory from Glorious Treats ~

Sunday, December 5, 2010

I hope you all  are having a great weekend, I finally started on my Holiday baking this weekend, yesterday I made 2 batches of honey cookies and linzer cookies. I still have to make sugar cookies and lots of other treats to share with our friends.That is a the plan for this Sunday.

Today I have a really special treat for you, Glory from Glorious Treats graciously agreed to do a 10 question interview for Haniela's.
I met Glory via Flickr  over 2 years ago and I'm constantly amazed by her wonderful and creative ideas that she now shares on her beautiful blog GLORIOUS TREATS.

We haven't met in person, but we have exchanged a lot of emails, and phone calls and I even got the taste of Glory's Sugar Cookies and absolutely amazing homemade Toffee..that I'm hoping Glory will share the recipe  really soon...and I'm not begging.;-)), I mean do you blame me? Have a look at the photo below...Yum
  Toffee... success!
Photo Credit :Glory Albin, TOFFEE

Our lives re really busy right now and I just felt it was important to catch up with a friend, so I asked Glory 10 questions and she was so sweet to spent time answering them; and since both of us love pictures Glory and I  picked some of our personal favorites from her Photo Gallery.
~Thank you Glory ~
Photo Credit :Glory Albin, SNOWFLAKE CUPCAKES

 1. I know your name is Glory and your blog is called Glorious Treats, derived from your name Glory, but still  I always wonder how did you think of the name
 Glorious Treats? It is such a perfect fit !
Glory : "A few years ago a friend was throwing around names I could use for a bakery and „Glorious Treats“ was a combo of a few of her suggestions.  I have no plans for a bakery by the way... but I do still like the name!"

Photo Credit :Glory Albin, RAINBOW COOKIES

2. What is your favorite ingredient in baking?
Glory : "I think I’ll have to go with sugar... without sugar, it would be pretty tricky to make all of my sweet treats=)"


Photo Credit :Glory Albin, SNOWFLAKE COOKIES

3. How would you describe THE perfect dessert?
Glory : "It should have several different textures, and maybe even a few layers of flavors too.  It would have to include Chocolate... but in combination with an accent flavor like caramel, coconut or mint."  
Photo Credit :Glory Albin, CARAMEL BROWNIE TRIFLE

4. Milk, Dark or White Chocolate?
Glory : "Milk Chocolate is my first choice, but Dark Chocolate is a close second." 
Love Bug Cupcakes
  Photo Credit :Glory Albin, CHOCOLATE CUPCAKES

5. What was your favorite party project so far and why?
Glory : "My daughter’s candy party.  I planned the details (and bought things for it) for over six months, but I really enjoyed the planning, and the party came together just as I had envisioned."
  Photo Credit :Glory Albin, GRACE'S CANDY PARTY

6. In the food category is there anything you absolutely dislike?
Glory : "I’m not a big fan of shellfish or pork."
 Photo Credit :Glory Albin, PINEAPPLE CUPCAKES

7. What type of music do you like?
Glory : "Contemporary Christian music is what I listen to most of the time, but I do enjoy most all styles of music." 
 Photo Credit :Glory Albin, HYDRANGEA CUPCAKES

8. One gift you’ll never forget ?
Glory : "A giant teddy bear I got at Christmas when I was 8.  The box was the biggest under the tree and I felt so special that it was for me!  I still have the bear... in fact my three year old is using it for a pillow tonight."  

Photo Credit :Glory Albin,  SNICKERDOODLES
9. What are your kids saying about their mommy being a party goddess on the rise ?
Glory : "Mostly my girls just want me to get off the computer!"  =) 


10. If money was no object what would you BUY yourself for Christmas?
Glory : "A new house... with a huge (and beautiful!) kitchen and enough rooms to have a craft room!"
Gingerbread boys and girls

Photo Credit :Glory Albin,  GINGERBREAD COOKIES

Glory, thank you for taking the time to answer my questions and sharing your gorgeous photography today.
I feel like I know know you a little better.

Note : All the Photographs  above are  the property of Glory Albin, Glorious Treats.
Please Do not Reproduce in anyway without owner's permission.
Thank you.

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  1. You are both so AMAZING at what you do! You are my idols!

  2. I follow both of you and love your blogs, ideas and recipes! You are both so fantastic!!

  3. I couldn't concentrate on the answers due to all the STUNNING eye candy!!

  4. Hani, this was a wonderful idea! I am in awe. I was crossing my fingers I'd get honey cookies in the mail from you, toffee and whatever else Glory wants to throw in, and boxes from a few more of my buds. Technically I had Glory's gingerbread yesterday, LOL, long story, I'll explain later!

  5. Thank you Ladies.
    Glory has a wonderful sense of style, and I love her flower arrangements.
    Callye, what happened with gingerbread ? I made it yesterday too,slightly altered and it is pretty yummy.I'm almost done with decorating those, but still have to make lots of other cookies.
    I'll see if I can get hold of Santa so he can bring you some Honey Cookies.;-))