Haniela's: ~Holiday Party Guide Magazine by Bird's Party Blog~

~Holiday Party Guide Magazine by Bird's Party Blog~

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Things are moving so fast, I can't believe it! Only few more weeks till Christmas.
Do you need last minute tips on decorations, ideas and sweet  recipes ... get inspired by newly published online   HOLIDAY PARTY GUIDE MAGAZINE by Bird's Party Blog.

It is so beautiful, full of color, gorgeous pictures, recipes and ideas..and...go find me - I'm in there too..I mean My Candy Cane Macarons , Bird dressed them up so nicely, I can't believe they are mine.
Delicious and Sweet.
~Happy Holiday Season~


  1. I like white pepper in my gingerbread too! I wish I had a day to try every recipe I saw...I like that yours looks milder than others...Well lighter I guess is a better word. Lve the colors!

  2. I like to you use white pepper too,I think black pepper is too strong for me, and you are right they are not as strong as others.

    For those who are wondering we are talking about Gingerbread Cookies