Haniela's: ~Make a Wish Come True~

~Make a Wish Come True~

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

 Few months ago we started helping an interior designer Kathy of Bedderideas. Kathy is an interior designer specializing in kids rooms. She teamed up with  The Make a Wish Foundation and has made over 100 wishes  come true. How awesome is that! 
We helped Kathy make  2 wishes  come true and here are few photos from the latest project.
We painted the room, trims, doors, ceiling fan blades, assembled the furniture, bed frame, headboards, decorated room with toys and wall decor and lots of balloons.
You know seeing people  that are challenged really makes you realize that you shouldn't  complain about things, you should be lucky to have the privilege of being healthy, having the roof over your head, having food on the table, because not everyone is so lucky you know.
Thank you Kathy for giving us the opportunity to make a little difference.





  1. Awesome!! Bless you for helping out! That is so cool!

  2. Must have felt so rewarding! Love how the room look after! so awesome!