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~Apple A Day ~

Monday, November 1, 2010

Apples have a long tradition in my family. When growing up in Europe, as kids, every single evening we'd play table games with our parents, and as a snack we had apples. My dad or my mom, I'm not quite sure who cored and quartered the apples, well anyway we always had a big plate with apples on the table when playing table games. Yummy Apples, juicy, little sour...perfect

Finding a good apple is a serious business, so many times I bought apples thinking these will be the ones ...only to discover they were dry and without the taste.

Well I think my apple hunt has come to end. Our local farm carries apples from local orchards and I'm finally enjoying an apple that not only looks good, but it tastes like it should :
juicy and full of flavor.

Apples are the best, don't you think ?
First thing that comes to my mind when we talk about  apples..is Apple Strudel or Apple dumpling, Apple Compote, Grilled Apples, Apple Sauce..I could go on and on. 
I ♥ Apples.
Well anyhow, I decided to dedicate a whole month of November to Apples. What does that mean?

I will be posting a new recipe a day, of course each recipe will have an apple as an ingredient. I have sweet and savory treats prepared, baked and no bake.
Wish me luck and feel free to email me(hanielas@yahoo.com) your apple stories or  suggestions, even your apple recipes for me
to try.
I will be posting my first Apple Recipe tonight.
~Apple a Day  Starts Tonight ~

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