Haniela's: ~Raisin Bread Photo Shoot~

~Raisin Bread Photo Shoot~

Thursday, August 12, 2010


Hello My dear Blog Readers,
This past week, I was lucky to have one of the best food models to pose for me, Raisin Bread made by my friend Rachel. Rachel is an amazing artisan bread maker, she works  in the Bakery and is entering her bread into the Raisin Bread Contest, she asked me to take some photos of the bread she designed and made.
Let me tell you, not only does  it look gorgeous it also tastes really yummy, packed with flavor and nutritious fillings it is a perfect  treat.

I thoroughly enjoyed  doing the Bread Photo Shoot and today I wanted to share with you some of the photos.
I hope you enjoyed a little bread tour I prepared for you today.
Have a wonderful day, come visit my blog again soon, I'll be having an exciting giveaway soon.:-)

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  1. Yum... it's 10am and I really, really, really want raisin bread!!! Gorgeous photo shoot to go with those gorgeous loaves!!!