Haniela's: Free Shipping at King Arthur Flour Online Store

Free Shipping at King Arthur Flour Online Store

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

I love King Arthur Flour store and today I saw they are running  free shipping on some of my favorite things.

 There is Free shipping on these colorful cupcake liners.

I got these from a friend and I love love love these liners, they are sturdy and really a high quality product. Wish there were more liners like these on the market. 
photo credit : King Arthur Flour

I used these liners to make these cupcakes

Chocolate Cherry Coconut

     Grapefruit Cupcakes (recipe)
Father's Day T-shirt Cupcakes (How to make T-shirt Cupcakes)

They are also having free shipping on the Americolor Soft Get Paste Food Colors

Okay these are not with free shipping...but can they be any cuter ?  Mini Halloween Cookie Cutters


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