Haniela's: ~ Wedding Cookies ~

~ Wedding Cookies ~

Thursday, July 22, 2010

 Over a year ago I met a wonderful lady on Flickr, she is from Australia and in 2 days she is getting married.
I made few honey cookies for the happy couple, but they still didn't reach the destination, I'm  hoping they will get there before the wedding.

Bron & Peter these are for you 

 ~In Love~
~ I Heart You Forever ~

Following  cookie design I had in my head for several months, but only now I got to execute it.
I'm pretty happy how it turned out.
Love love love is done using a food coloring pen. If you store food pens in the fridge, make sure you let them come to room temperature before using.
Monograms are hand piped with royal icing and then painted over with luster dust.

~ Bron & Peter ~
~ Now join hands, and with your hands your hearts.~
 William Shakespeare


  1. Wow, these cookies are gorgeous. Your work is stunning, what a lovely gesture.

  2. These are beautiful cookies!! I LOVE the "LOVE" written all over the cookie...that is so creative!!

  3. Hi Hana, I will see all these creations tomorrow at work, where we have also the DSL. You are the best in this world Mrs.Cookie!

  4. I ADORE & LOVE these!! Soo pretty! You have outdone yourself! It's so beautiful! I too love the 'love' written all over and you have pretty handwriting to begin with!

    Stunning and gorgeous! Lucky couple!

  5. these are the most beautful cookies I have ever seen!!

  6. Thank you so much for you great comments!

  7. Haniela, absolutely stunning cookies.. I love royal work but I can't do much of it anymore it makes my hand hurt. I am inspired to make some cookies now. I cover in fondant and over pipe with royal for added touches..