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~ Fish Cookies ~

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Fish Cookies
no fishy seaweed or kelp in these
just sugar and vanilla to surely please
cute decorated little blue fish
made especially for a baby's first wish
© Iris Zuares
Creative works of Iris can be also
viewed on her flickr page eyewrisz

Today  I made fish sugar cookies for little Justin who is turning one.I decided to go with a simple design full of  bright colors that  will attract eyes of a one year old.

Cookie cutter that I have was too small so I had to make  a template, I used simple decoration to make the outline and cut the template out of the plastic sheet. More on how to make cookie cutter templates using plastic sheets can be found here.

Using a basic sugar cookie dough (recipe) I hand cut these cookies.
My biggest concern was the high humidity we are experiencing right now. Royal icing and humidity are not the biggest friends as humidity can make a big mess out of sugar things. I used royal icing (step by step recipe),  sky blue, lemon yellow, and red colors.


Once cookies were piped I place them under the running ceiling fan and that helped a lot to with drying, avoiding possible problems caused by humidity, like blotchy spots.

 I'm pretty happy how these turned out and I hope Justin's little hand will reach for the blue fish with yellow red spots.

Happy Birthday Little One.
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  1. so pretty!! Looks like it's cut by cookie cutter! didn't know you used a template! :D

  2. these are so precious!! Love the colors! I do not do well with wet on wet .. for some reason my dots always end up bleeding/spreading under the base color...not sure if its my consistency of my icing or not?? And the shape of fish is so cute!!!

  3. Wow, I don't know how I missed your cookies in my search for cookie dough recipes. They are beautiful!! Thanks for your sweet comment on my blog and for following. Love those fish cookies!