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I ♥ Lamingtons

Friday, June 25, 2010

While growing up in Europe, on occasion we'd  make Lamingtons,  for holidays like Christmas, Easter etc.
Over the years I learned that "The best things are the simple things".
Simple sponge cake dipped in chocolate mixture and dipped in coconut. Simple and delicious.
I've read  few recipes   where sponge cake  is filled with cream, or jam.Today I alternatively made them with cherries. Well one half I made with cherries and the other half I left plain. I slightly pressed cherries into the batter.
I baked sponge cake with pitted cherries, I wasn't sure how will it all come together, but I'm very pleased with the result. I might try raspberries next. I just love summer, Season of Heavenly Fruit.

Recipe, I use a very similar recipe as the one posted. I should add that I'd like to add either dark rum or chocolate liqueur into my chocolate dipping mixture, just to add a bit of a kick to it. It really makes a difference.Omit alcohol if made for children.

My preference is to dip the sponge cake, I always let the cake cool completely, and I dip each square using two forks. In a large bowl I have coconut ready I place the dipped sponge cake into the coconut and using a clean hand  carefully coat all the sides with coconut. Once coated with coconut I have another tray ready lined with wax paper/or parchment paper/ and I place each square onto the top of the tray. Once done with coconut dipping I carefully  place all the Lamingtons into a container, close tightly and refrigerate for several hours.
I find that lamingtons taste better went "aged", rested for at least several hours.

When making Lamingtons I highly recommend using Desiccated coconut. Some grocery stores carry this kind in the organic or natural food section. I buy mine at a local Giant Grocery Chain.
Online stores that carry this product include
http://www.celebes.com - Large amounts only

I decorated these with some sweet pinwheels, check them out here.

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  1. Haniela, I love you see your pictures, read your recipes and story tales about the recipes and other things....
    I will have to try this recipe sometimes and I hope to make a wonderful picture as yours!!!

  2. These look delicious, I've never tried lammingtons but I'll give these a go with the kids!

  3. This looks delicious!! I have yet to try lamingtons but maybe i should try it after looking at how delicious yours look!