Haniela's: Storing your camera

Storing your camera

Friday, March 5, 2010

 I know it may sound like something that is not important, but IT IS, well not if you are willing to spend hundreds of dollars for repairs that didn't have to occur in the first place.

I learned the hard way that how you store your camera really pays off. 
Several years ago, back when I didn't own SLR, I had a semi professional SONY, didn't really care much where I stored it then..well until important Thanksgiving pictures had color off and they were basically ruined.
I learned that especially HUMIDITY can do a major damage to a photo sensitive equipment. I had it repaired, but ever since I pay more attention to where I store my camera when not in use.

I live in the climate with the high humidity so I store my camera and lens along with all the batteries, flash cards, and cords in the airtight containers like this one below

with a large packet of beaded silica gel, just like the one below

Silica gel is mainly used to prevent moisture damage. When silica gel is fully saturated it changes color, that is the indicator that it has to be either replaced or reactivated.
Many manufactures include small  packets of silica gel- for example in electronics packaging,  the box of newly bought shoes usually has a packet of silica gel inside, leather products are packed with silica gel as well.

Even those beautiful dried flowers, with true colors ..they were probably dried using silica gels.
When it comes to using silica gel with food products, for example to keep fondant decorations, or royal icing decorations dry, so they last longer, although both  types of packaging - Tyvek and Cotton meet FDA requirements, it is recommended to use Tyvek, as Tyvek is more tear resistant and produces less dust particles.

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