Haniela's: Crackling Biscuits

Crackling Biscuits

Sunday, March 7, 2010

My Grandmothers used to make these and I remember eating them by  peeling each layer separately.One after another.:-)

Few weeks ago I bought some pork cracklings at the Butcher.

These pork crackling look a bit different than what I'm used to. You can see these also have meat on them, those  my Grandparents made were made using pork fat mainly. They were sooo good. I remember as a little kid cutting the fat with a super sharp knife into cubes and stirring a large pot with pork fat so they wouldn't burn.
These biscuits are pretty much traditional to Slovakia, and other parts of Europe as well.
Cracklings for the biscuits are ground using a meat grinder, I used my kitchen aid mixed with a special attachment.


To make these delicious savory treats, 2 doughs are made  one is made with cracklings and a bit of flour and the other one is a yeast based dough. I used dry yeast.

  Using the laminating technique just like when  making puff pastry dough, I made the dough for
the biscuits. It looked like this :

Usually a round cutter is used, but I decided to make it more Spring like and used a flour cutter instead, it worked as well and they looked so pretty  too.The only thing I would make different I would roll the dough  a little thicker so when they bake biscuits are higher.

Each biscuit is pricked with a fork and brushed with  fresh egg wash, make sure you don't brush the sides of the biscuits.

Baked at 350 F for about 16 minutes they are golden on the top and deliciously layered inside.Just like my Grandmother made...well maybe not exactly like that..but they are pretty close.♥

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