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Color Power

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

I love color! I love all shades of yellow and pink, blue, orange, green, red....gray. I absolutely adore gray these days. Gray pairs with everything.

I find that color combination when it comes to cookie, cake, cupcake decorating is as crucial as if you were designing your living room. Seriously, you can have a perfectly stylish furniture, decor, window treatments  but with wrong colors it will not show as beautiful as with the right colors.

I  still struggle to get it right when making my cookies.To help me decide, to match and mix the colors I use a little help from the paint brochures. They are my color inspiration.  I know for some of you mixing and matching colors is easy, not for me, I need the visual aid.

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  1. Tienes toda la razón!
    Gracias por la idea.