10 Favorite Recipes of 2012

Here are your 10 favorite recipes of 2012. All of them are yours but one. One is mine – Grilled Tomato soup. I absolutely love this addition to my recipe box. The rest, my dear friends is all you. I would have never thought potatoes would be so popular and I  really should know better we eat lots and lots of them in my household. So maybe there are some potato dishes to be made in the future. Pretzel bites were a hit last year and I know why. They are my number one thing to bring to any party.
I hope you are ready for  a new and exciting 2013! I have lots of thing planned and I’m hoping to bring everything to life this year.
Stay Healthy in 2013.

Chocolate Pudding Buns
Raspberry Frappuccino Cupcakes
Pretzel Bites
Brown Sugar Cake with Caramel Cream Cheese Frosting
Grilled Vegetable Tomato Soup(great for canning too)
Classic Sponge Bundt Cake
Candy Corn Marshmallows
Roasted Heart Potatoes
Chocolate Meringue Layer Cake with fresh raspberry and mint cream filling
Hot Cross Buns

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