Saturday, October 15, 2016

Day of the Dead Cherry Skull Cookies

I had this design on my mind since last year but never got around to make the cookies. 
I'm not sure where I first saw the idea but I suspect it was a tattoo design of some sort. You know things you come across when you browse the online world, it got stuck in my head.
Those of you who saw my Nutella Cookies tutorial, probably will remember this super fun and easy decorating technique with wet on wet royal icing and edible markers. Despite their complicated look these cookies are  super easy to make.

To make these cookies you need:
Sugar Cookie Recipe
Fresh Lemon Royal Icing -
15 to 20 second consistency -white for the base, red, blue, yellow and orange, all 15 to 20second consistency
Piping consistency - black icing 
Fine Tip Edible marker - black by Rainbow Dust
To color my icing I used Americolor Gel Colors

Watch my video to learn how to make these cookies:

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

The Addams Family Gingerbread House

Hi folks,
I pretty sure I have mentioned it once or twice, maybe even more than that - I love gingerbread houses and centerpieces.
Few years ago I started a tradition of making a Halloween House. This year I picked, I suppose an unusual inspiration from a popular TV series The Addams Family. Creepy yet adorable family adventures. 

I started off with baking all the house parts, I used gingerbread cookie recipe for houses and centerpieces. I sketched out my designs, made royal icing and started to decorate. 
I optioned for simple color theme and it worked. I especially adore the blue roof  and black and red roses.  What do you think, what is your favorite part of this house?
Undecorated Gingerbread pieces

I also included a new feature ...peeping faces in the windows. Kind of creepy, don't you think?

To make this house you need :
GINGERBREAD DOUGH  RECIPE - FOR DECORATIVE PURPOSES ONLY - though fully edible, in this recipe I use more spices and  I use shortening to make this recipe, normally I prefer using butter if making cookies for eating. After baking cookies become hard/crisp.
Royal Icing
Silicong  Mold - used for the Flower Pot
Wood Grain Mold - used for the doors
Petal Tip - for the roses
Basket Weave Piping Tip - for the roof
Exacto knife
Silver Edible Paint 
Brush Set by Wilton 
Needle Tool 
Disposable Piping Bags 
House Template - below
Edible Markers -red by FooDoodlers
Super Fine Tip Edible Marker
Various small cookie cutters- oval, rectangle, bat, bell shape(cousin itt shape)

House Templates

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