Friday, October 24, 2014

Vampire Teeth Cookies

Without further ado here is my take on Vampire Teeth Cookies. Enjoy.

To make Vampire Teeth Cookies you need
Royal Icing
20 Second Icing - white
Airbrush used in the video
Template - if you need a template, email me I need to resolve issues with googledocs before I upload it there.

Do you want to make Vampire Teeth Cookies? See how you can make them in my step by step video tutorial.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Candy Corn Cupcake Cookies

If you remember last week I shared with you a tutorial how to make Witch Cupcake Cookies. Today is time to show you how you can make Candy Corn Cupcake Cookies.
I donated these cookies to Go Bo Foundation Bake Sale. If you'd like to learn more about the Foundation and how you can help, visit the website Go Bo Foundation.

3rd Annual Go Bo Foundation Bake Sale has raised 25,000! That is absolutely amazing. You can read more in detail  about it here.

I made 3 different designs as part of my donation to a bake sale. Today I'll show you how decorate
Candy Corn Cupcake Cookies
To make Candy Corn Cupcake Cookies you need
How to think Royal Icing to 15 Second Consistency
15 second Icing - purple, black, yellow, orange white
Silver Star Sprinkles

You can now learn how to make Candy Corn Cupcake Cookies, see my video for a full tutorial

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