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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

~Monogram Birthday Cookies~

Yesterday I shared with you a little trick on how to apply royal icing transfers onto the cookie - Coral, Green and Ivory Birthday Cookies.
Today  I will show you a a new design : Round Monogrammed Cookies. I really like monograms but they are difficult to make when hand piped, well at least I struggle, and yes you can most definitely use stencils but sometimes I just like the look of a piped design and especially when I'm planning on painting it with luster dust I like the letter to be a bit raised.
For this cookie design I made "D" royal icing transfers, after they dried they were painted with gold luster dust. You can learn about luster dust : how to paint and all the little details in my tutorial "LUSTER DUST" For painting purposes  with luster dust I mostly use lemon, orange or mint McCormick's Extracts.
Once the Cookies dried I added few details. I wast trying not to make sure that I don't overcrowd this design so the monogram  would stand out and I think I was able to achieve just that.


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