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Saturday, July 30, 2011

Bamboo Stick as Cherry Pitter

Bamboo Stick as  Cherry Pitter Tool
I'm secretly hoping that I'm not the only person alive who does not own a OXO Good Grips Cherry Pitter

, believe me I'm working towards getting one right now. Oh, I see, you don't believe me!
Seriously I don't own one and I'm not sure why I've never gotten one. I've heard about it a lot over the years though.
So  in case you are like me...cherry pitterless..ehm, I'm pretty sure that is not an existing word...
this post is for you.
I find that a bamboo stick can work as an alternative to a cherry pitter tool, obviously it is not as fancy and your hands will get a bit red from the cherry juice but it works. 
Push Flat End of a Bamboo Stick into the Center of the Cherry

Pit is removed



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