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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

~ I heart Faces - Photo Contest | Scenic B&W ~

Inspired by my friend Lisa at  Lisa Smiley Photography 
 I decided to enter one of my pictures into a Photo Contest at I Heart Faces. This is a self portrait taken  in a Ricketts Glen State Park. It was an ultimate winter wonderland and I hope to go back this coming winter.


  1. Stunning - I'd want to go back too!

  2. WOOOOWWW! That is an amazing spot and a beautiful photograph! You win :) tee hee :)

  3. So awesome! It reminds me of our drive to the mountains to ski - I love seeing those icicles off the cliffs!


  4. Love those Icicles! Beautifully composed!

  5. Oh that is BEAUTIFUL!! I love snow and I've NEVER seen anything like that before! GORGEOUS!

    And WELCOME to iHeartfaces!

  6. wow! what a cool shot!!! this is so amazing!


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