Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Cookie and Cupcake Airbrushing Station

Ever since I bought an airbrush (this is my airbrush) few years back I was struggling with keeping the kitchen counter clean. See when you use an airbrush color that comes out the nozzle also gets on the surrounding areas, not just the airbrushed item. So no matter how small the cookie is, there is always an overspray.
I've tried using a box and a tri fold board and even though they all work, unless you cover the bottom  there is overspray on the bottom and the set up is kind of big and it takes up a space that I don't have.
I finally found an easy and also super cheap solution to my problem. A cookie airbrushing set up that I can put together in  just couple of minutes and I don't have to walk by it every day. Plain gift boxes. They fold up just as easily as they collapse.You need 2 boxes to cover bottom, back and sides leaving the front open for airbrushing. Best part though -it folds up and I can store if flat, on the shelf.

*This set up is suitable for smaller projects, like cookie decorating, cupcake decorating, small desserts, for cakes the set up is kind of small.

To Make Cookie Airbrushing Station you need:

Plain Gift Boxes - I bought mine at The Dollar Store.
Paper towel, Wax paper

See me put the Cookie Airbrushing Station together in this video.

Monday, January 26, 2015

Brushed Embroidery Lace Heart Cookies


I love delicate, lace patterns on cookies. Here is a pretty cookie design for your try.
To make Heart Lace Cookies you need :

Heart Cookie Cutter(4 inch), I used this one from Wilton
Sugar Cookies or use Chocolate Cookies, Gingerbread Cookies instead
Professional Needle Tool or toothpick
Royal Icing 15 Second Consistency:  teal
Royal Icing for brushed embroidery- slightly thicker than piping consistency :  white
Royal Icing Piping Consistency : pink, teal
Paint Brush - food purposed only - small flat one
Baking Sheets - these I use all the time, I love them 
Watch me how I make these beautiful Heart Cookies

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