Friday, March 3, 2017

Enchanted Rose Cookies from Beauty and The Beast

I can't wait to see Beauty and The Beast movie, it's coming out in a week weeks. I'm sure you've noticed all the Beauty and the Beast inspired treats all over the internet as the release date is getting closer and closer. This movie better delivers, everyone is talking about it! I, myself  have already shared my Disney Emoji Blitz Beauty and the Beast Cookies few weeks ago and today I decided to make what has become a trademark for Beauty and the Beast : The Enchanted Rose Cookie.

Sugar Cookies
Fresh Lemon Royal Icing
To color my icing I used Americolor Gel Colors
Template - below 

Watch me how I make The Enchanted Rose Cookies in the video below :


Monday, February 27, 2017

Buttercream Hydrangea and Ranunculus Mason Jar Cake

When you work with sugar you can have Spring anytime. Even though we are still few month away from having a back yard full of blooming Spring flowers I decided to make a Spring Flower Bouquet Cake, with a mason jar, burlap and edible lace.

What you need to make this cake :
Velvet Vanilla Pound Cake (use 1 1/2 cake recipe for 1  9x13inch cake) - 2  9x13 inch cakes
Swiss Buttercream 
Food Coloring : Americolor electric green, peach, blue, brown
To make Hydrangea I used Petal tips #103  Round Tip #2
To make Ranunculus I used Petal tips #103(green # center) Petal Tip #104 - peach colored flower petals
To make Burlap I used  Round Piping Tip #3
To make Leaves I used Piping Tip #366
Disposable Piping Bags
Learn more about Sugar Veil and how to make your own edible lace 
100 Buttercream Flowers Book How To

1part granulated sugar  to 2 parts water
Boil together, after it has cooled add extract of your choice, I like to add vanilla, almond and lemon.

I love how the flowers turned out, especially Hydrangeas, they were so life like.

Watch to video to learn how to make beautiful Hydrangea and Ranunculus flower with piped buttercream

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