Pretty Unicorn Cookies

Thursday, February 8, 2018

Unicorn trend is still going strong though I'm not really sure if it is as strong as it was 2 years ago when I made my first Unicorn Cookies but regardless of trends they make for pretty darling cookies, don't you think ?!

To make the cookie you need:
Pineapple Cookie Cutter( this is a similar cutter I used) or use Unicorn Cutter.
Sugar Cookie Recipe
Fresh Lemon Royal Icing
Needle Tool by PME
Disposable Piping Bags
Food Colors - Americolors Super Black, Pink, Sky Blue, Purple(  I use electric pink with sky blue to make the purple), Yellow, Ivory
Light Blue Sanding Sugar
Super Fine Black Edible Marker - for the eyelashes
How to thin royal icing
To make the flowers I used Wilton petal tip #101 - how to tutorial is included in my video(see at the bottom of this post)

 Unicorn Cookie without the face.

I've made some pink royal icing flowers and used them to decorate the cookies.

Once the icing dries you can paint the horn with gold edible luster dust mixed with lemon extract. To attach the flower onto the cookies you can use royal icing.

To complete this set I decorate heart cookies with colors of the Unicorn's mane. Aren't they pretty!

For a detailed tutorial be sure to watch my video with all the instructions. Enjoy.


Valentine's Day Paris Inspired Gingerbread House

Sunday, January 28, 2018

Over the years I've grown very fond of Gingerbread centerpieces and Gingerbread houses. Of course at first I was making them for Christmas mainly, but in the past few years I switched up it a little. I've made a house for Saint Patrick's Day house and a few movie inspired houses as well. This year I've received several requests to make Valentine's Day house and I gave it a go.
I usually spend a lot of time designing each panel, I research online different patterns, ideas and color combinations.
I think Paris is a pretty obvious choice for Valentine's Day. City of love is popular all year round, especially on Valentine's day. 

Gingerbread panels.
Royal Icing Roses, I used petal tip#101.

Royal Icing Transfer Bicycle,


Side panel, window with Eiffel Tower reflection.

Decorated Panels, ready to be assembled. Use stiff icing to assemble the house.

To make Valentine's Day Paris Inspired Gingerbread House you need:


Disposable Piping BagsFood only paint brushEdible Markers  by FooDoodlersAmericolor Food Colorings : super red, super black, white, sky blue, pink, ivory, leaf green
Gingerbread Dough for Centerpieces - if making your own house panels
Royal Icing 

Cookie Cutters - Chimney - from this cutter set
Cookie Cutters - house panels
Tweezers used in the video
Micro Heart Sprinkles
Valentine's Day Non Pareils Sprinkles
Black Fine Tip Edible Marker - used for Eiffel Tower
Gray Fine Tip Edible Marker
Light Brown Marker
Needle Tool

I also created Step by Step video tutorial and you can watch in on you tube.

Here are few more pictures. Enjoy.